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couldn’t be more in love with him if I tried.

i really want my boyfriend right now.

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:) i fink i love him
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Possibly the greatest most thoughtful gift ever.. A homemade necklace from my valentine :) I love you @davidpiccirilli #valentinesday #love #homemade
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When I’m upset and need someone to talk to, he doesn’t hesitate to come over. Even when all I’m gonna do is cry on his shoulder and tell him all my problems. I’m so in love. I’m so blessed. I’m so thankful.
i would like

to do something special sometime. something different, a surprise.  Wake up early and watch the sunrise… drive to the middle of nowhere and watch the sunset, look at the stars… maybe just hang out in my backyard and cuddle under the stars. idk. I just want an adventure or something really cute and random.  something with him, just him.  I just want to know he wants to spend time with me, and that I don’t have to plan everything we do.